6. “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” Awards Event

With the collaboration of Slimstock and Logistics Association (LODER), the 6th “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” award ceremony was hosted important names of the business world.

Due to Pandemic, for the first time, the awards ceremony held online with the participation of founders and executives of globally known companies. General Manager of Slimstock Turkey Songül SEZER, made the opening speech of the event. On the other hand, the event was moderated by LODER Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş and LODER Vice Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan.

General Manager of Slimstock Turkey Songül Sezer said: “First of all, I would like to thank all companies and their representatives who participated. “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals list” expected with a huge excitement each year. The great interest in our award ceremony held on the online platform this year due to the pandemic excited us and showed us how well we did in the last six years.

Even in this difficult period of time, we received more applications than we expected. This made us very happy. This participation showed that we are well on our way in this respect in Turkey. Our traditional award ceremony has become a platform where Supply Chain professionals come together and share their projects. “Seeing the excitement motivates us to do more,” she said. Sezer continued her words as follows: “We would love to organize our award ceremony as we do physically each year so we could organize it under the same conditions, but we could not risk people’s health during the pandemic process. The list is expected with increasing excitement each year. Since we wanted to continue this excitement this year, we came together on an online platform. “I want to thank all Supply Chain professionals who participated.” LODER Vice Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan said, Supply Chain professionals came to the fore during the COVID-19 process that affected the whole world. During this process, the “leading” Supply Chain Executives, who managed to make the Supply Chain structures resilient and agile, bypassed the process in the most successful way, and ensured the sustainability of their companies in a competitive environment. We aim to make the list on the importance of Supply Chain Management for the sixth time, we explained that we were in exceptional condition and valued leaders in this area that appears more successful applications in Turkey. We sincerely congratulate all supply chain professionals who have been on the list over the past years and this year, and
we wish it will continue in upcoming years, ”she said.

LODER Chairman of the Board Prof.Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş also made a short speech. Tanyaş said: “First of all, to the Slimstock family, with whom we have been on our way for six years, thank you. We have embarked on a very good road together and achieved great success on this road. Our industry is important We learned a lot in the ceremonies we hosted their names. We continue to learn. Not only in our country but also in the world, the importance of the Supply Chain is increasing day by day. All professionals in our country have shown their interest in our annual ceremony which made us very happy. In this organization. On behalf of LODER, “We are trying to give the necessary support to the Slimstock family,” he said.

Sabancı Holding Energy Group President Kıvanç Zaimler, who was the guest speaker of the award ceremony, shared his knowledge with important names of the business world with a subject on Leadership and Sustainability. Zaimler said, “In order to support sustainability, as the Sabancı Group, we make renewable energy investments.
We aim to increase it.” he said.

The jury this year was LODER Chairman Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, LODER Vice Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan, THY Cargo Deputy General Manager Turhan Özen, Kumport Port Management Deputy General Manager Erhan Tunçbilek and Academic Director and Operations Management Lecturer of the INSEAD Supply Chain Management program Prof. Dr. Enver Yücesan took part.

Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals

This year’s jury determined that “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” list was announced in alphabetical order by surname.

Award-Winning Professionals

Aylin Düzgün

Toyo Ink Tedarik Zinciri Müdürü

Banu Çelik

Şişecam Düzcam Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü

Emel Gülşen

Nestle Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü

Işıl Dönmez Seyhan

Boehringer Ingelheim Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü

Necmettin Başol

Doğadan Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü

Onur Karaaslan

Getir Chief Availability Officer

Ufuk Güler

Abdi İbrahim İlaç Tedarik Zinciri ve Satınalma Direktörü

Zeynep Galiba

Divan Tedarik Zinciri, Satış ve Üretim Genel Müdür Yardımcısı

The award-winning company and its representatives consisted of the following names:
Necmettin Başol (Doğadan Supply Chain Director)
Banu Çelik (Şişecam Flat Glass Supply Chain Director)
Işıl Dönmez Seyhan (Boehringer Ingelheim Supply Chain Director)
Aylin Düzgün (Toyo Ink Supply Chain Manager)
Zeynep Galiba (Divan Supply Chain, Sales and Production Deputy General Manager)
Ufuk Güler (Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain and Purchasing Director)
Emel Gülşen (Nestle Supply Chain Director)
Onur Karaaslan (Getir Chief Availability Officer)

Tayfun Namdar (Pladis Global Supply Chain Director)
Leyla Öz (Novo Nordisk Supply Chain and Trade Manager)
Nida Öztürk (ABB Supply Chain Manager)
Gürhan Saatçioğlu (Metro Supply Chain Director)
Dr. Mehmet Sarıdoğan (Torun Bakır Purchasing and Logistics Manager)
Osman Evren Şen (LC Waikiki Global Logistics Director)
Emine Taşçı (GSK Europe, Middle East and Africa Supply Chain Strategy Director)
Yeliz Tavşan (Siemens Healthcare Supply Chain Director)
Ergun Ulugün (P & G Turkey Executive Board Member and Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations)
Onur Uzun (Farmazon Supply Chain Manager)
Cenk Yüksel (Medtronic Logistics Director, EMEA Emerging Markets)
Ender Yüksel (Vestel Supply Chain Deputy General Manager)

Project Awards Found Their Owners

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş moderated again this year, ” Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain
Candidates included in the list of Professionals with their projects “Most Sustainable / Resilient”, “Most Technological”, “Most Innovative” and “Most Effective / Effective” categories.

The candidates shared their projects with the jury members in advance. Presentations of the winning projects were made to the participants on the online platform.
Awarded in the category of “Most Sustainable / Resilient” Project, Doğadan Supply Chain Director Necmettin Başol, “Most Technological” project award was given to Torun Metal Purchasing and Logistics Manager Dr. Mehmet Sarıdoğan, “Most Innovative” project award was given to Divan Supply Chain, Sales, and Production Deputy General Manager Zeynep Galiba. “Most Effective / Effective” project award was won by Farmazon Supply Chain Manager Onur Uzun.

The Most Influential Turkish Supply Chain Professionals in the Global

“This year, for the first time, we want to reward Turkish professionals who successfully run the Supply Chain globally.” said LODER Vice Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan continued her words as follows: “We did not want to forget our Supply Chain professionals who represent us not only in our country but also in the world. In the difficult days, we live, even if we are miles away, reaching out to our successful professionals made us happy to a certain extent, this year. We wanted to honor and congratulate our three professionals who represent us globally, as our Supply Chain Professionals: Danone Waters Indonesia Procurement Chain Director Tuğba Arıkan, Çalık World Netherlands European Logistics, and Foreign Trade Manager Robert Ateş and Chalhoub Group UAE Global Supply Chain Director Cidal Koçak “she said.

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