9th Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals of Turkey Award Ceremony

The “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” award ceremony, organized for the 9th time this year in partnership with Slimstock and Logistics Association (LODER), hosted senior managers of Turkey’s leading companies. The 2023 year anniversary was held at the gala dinner held at Dedeman Bostancı Hotel last night. “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” list has been announced.

The opening speech was made by Slimstock Turkey Country Manager Songül Sezer and LODER Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. The award ceremony was held by Gülçin Büyüközkan and moderated by LODER Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş took responsibility.

Slimstock Türkiye Country Manager Songül Sezer said in her speech; “In 2013, we started working with Slimstock and LODER to announce the importance of Supply Chain Management, believing that Supply Chain managers and the projects they carry out should be made more visible. And we established the Supply Chain Club together with Logistics Association LODER. In 2014, we organized the “Turkey’s Most Effective Supply Chain Professionals” award ceremony for the first time. This year, for the 9th time, we will share the important names of the sector and their value-creating projects with the public. I would like to thank the Supply Chain leaders who did not leave us alone on this path.”

Mentioning that the projects presented at the ceremony every year contribute to the future of both our country and the world, Sezer continued his words: “Considering that the projects presented provide savings to the country’s economy, their contribution to the environment, and the fact that they set an example for their sectors in terms of technological infrastructure and digitalization, we are doing serious work in this regard.” We can say that we signed. In addition, recent technological developments are accelerating the world’s progress on a completely different path than usual. Rapid changes that will be created in every field today and in the near future by many other technological developments such as AI Chatbots, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Platforms, real-time processing of Big Data sets are waiting for us. Supply Chain Management is one of the areas most affected by technological developments and forced to change. As Slimstock, we keep up with this change and support the brands we serve by improving ourselves in this regard every year.”

LODER Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan also said the following in her speech: “We are organizing this award ceremony to emphasize the importance of Supply Chain Management, first in the world and then in Turkey, and to make the work of our valuable managers visible. Generally speaking, as the Supply Chain Professionals Club, we have 3-4 events a year, but this event we hold towards the end of the year is actually the finalization of our other events. Our process covers a period of 3-4 months. Particularly as a result of very detailed studies, a list of companies’ Supply Chain managers is created. Evaluations begin based on that list, and we may also have managers who are candidates or are nominated. As a result of the evaluation of the projects, the list reaches a certain final point. 5 of us took part in the jury to create this year’s list. As a result, we have determined this year’s “Turkey’s Most Effective Supply Chain Professionals”. “We sincerely congratulate all our Supply Chain professionals who were included in the list in previous years and this year and wish them continued success.”

LODER Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş said the following in his speech: “As an association, our mission is to support our stakeholders in realizing their Logistics and Supply Chain Management activities in accordance with their strategic goals and to make them sustainable. In this context, we have been holding this special ceremony with Slimstock for nearly 10 years, on this path we set out to become a leading institution directing Logistics and Supply Chain Management activities in our country. I see the demand increasing every year. Frankly, this makes me very happy. This means that we are taking steps towards our goal. One of the important works in the development of Supply Chains is to develop and implement projects that are compatible with company goals and strategies. Project work requires effective and efficient planning, motivation, teamwork and monitoring. “In this event, we will listen to the projects selected from among many projects in the categories of “Most Sustainable”, “Most Technological”, “Most Innovative” and “Most Effective / Effective” from the project owners and choose the best Supply Chain project of the year.

Author and educator Kürşat Tuncel, the invited speaker of the award ceremony, shared the management and leadership agenda of 2024 with the participants. Tuncel said, “In today’s business world, which is turbulent, uncertain, full of crises, and under the influence of rapid technological developments and generational differences, it is not enough for managers to just be good managers.”

Here are Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals in 2023

This year’s “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” list, determined by the jury, was announced in alphabetical order. The award-winning companies and their representatives were as follows:

Ali AKÇAY (Eve Retailing-Supply Chain Manager)

Murat AKTAŞ (Menderes Tekstil-Supply Chain Director)

Mehmet Ali ASLAN (Şölen Chocolate-Supply Chain Director)

Adem AYDIN (Hyundai Assan-Supply Chain Manager)

Berkay BOZKUŞ (Gensenta-Supply Chain Director)

Deniz Murat ÇORABATIR (TotalEnergies-Operations and Logistics Director)

İhsan Ömür DEMİR (Lazzoni-Supply Chain Director)

Barış DEVRİMSEL(DowAksa-Supply Chain Director)

Mert ERDOĞ (Betek Boya-Deputy General Manager Responsible for Supply Chain)

Sertaç HAMZA (McDonald’s- Supply Chain Director)

Erdal İMRE (Esan Eczacıbaşı- Senior Supply Chain Manager)

Fatma IRK DURSUN (Kraft Heinz-Supply Chain Director)

Bülent KARAKOYUNLU (Fasdat Gıda – Logistics Manager)

Ayşegül KATAR (Panço-Supply Chain Director)

Bahadır KEPENEK (Çimsa- Deputy General Manager Responsible for Supply Chain)

Cüneyt KOZLUCA (Kimberly Clark- Senior Supply Chain and Logistics Operations Manager)

Özlem Sinem NUMANOĞLU (BMC Defense- Supply Chain Director)

Hasan TÜRKAY (Continental Confectionery Company- Supply Chain Director)

Ogün ÜSTÜN (Yazaki Automotive – Türkiye Logistics Center Manager)

Cem Sonat YÜKSEL (Vodafone- Supply Chain Director)


Project awards also found their owners

Candidates on the list of “Turkey’s Most Effective Supply Chain Professionals” competed with their projects in the “Most Sustainable”, “Most Technological”, “Most Innovative” and “Most Effective / Effective” categories. McDonald’s Supply Chain Director, Sertaç HAMZA, won the award in the “Most Sustainable” project category. The “Most Technological” project award went to Çimsa Deputy General Manager Responsible for Supply Chain, Bahadır KEPENEK, and the “Most Innovative” project award went to Kimberly Clark Senior Supply Chain and Logistics Operations Manager, Cüneyt KOZLUCA. Yazaki Automotive Turkey Logistics Center Manager, Ogün ÜSTÜN won the “Most Effective” project award.

“Project of the Year” award went to YAZAKI AUTOMOTIVE

It was also awarded “Project of the Year” at the ceremony. The project was determined by the votes of the participants in the hall. The Project of the Year award went to Yazaki Automotive Turkey Logistics Center Manager Ogün ÜSTÜN with his “Yazaki Turkey Logistics Hub” project.



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It was established in 2001 and is an association that aims for professional and sectoral development, with only individual membership, not corporate membership. Among its approximately 750 active members are company professionals who receive and provide logistics services, academics, IT professionals, sectoral equipment sales company professionals and members of the armed forces.