Supply Chain Game

Do you literally know the factors that influence Supply Chain decisions in your company? Every Supply Chain contains external factors which can ruin the entire operation from the scratch if it is not managed specifically and correctly. By playing the ‘ Supply Chain Game’ with Slimstock, you will once again understand the importance of collaboration and transparency within a Supply Chain.

This event organized with the collaboration of LODER and Slimstock to bring the Supply Chain and Logistics professionals together with a team play. The moderators of the event was Prof. Dr. Gülçin BUYUKOZKAN and Prof. Dr. Mehmet TANYAS.

The names of the group members who achieved the lowest cost in this event were 4 people who represents the four different levels of a supply chain (manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer): Savaş Burç, Dilşad Gülay, Erdoğan Bozkurt and Levent Bingöl.


Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi

16:00 – 20:00

50 people, first come first served basis

It’s free


Round 1: Traditional Supply Chain

  • Minimize your expenses
  • Bull-Whip effect
  • Feedback and tips

Round 2: Cooperation and transparency

  • Improve Total Supply Chain costs
  • Openness and trust
  • Feedback and tips

Round 3: Time to market

  • Shorten internal and external delivery times
  • Communication with partners in the chain
  • Feedback and tips

Final Round: Who developed the best Supply Chain?

  • Play to win
  • Earn rewards
  • Feedback and tips