Supply Chain Professionals got their Oscars!

The Awards, considered as the Oscar of Supply Chain Professionals, organized for the third time this year and the Oscars found their owners.

For the list of “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” approximately 200 companies applied. “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” list was announced last night at a gala dinner which attended by founders and executives of the company known worldwide.

Keynote speakers

The night, which started with the opening speech of Prof.Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan (LODER Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors), continued with the speech of Songül Sezer (general manager of Slimstock Turkey) about the organization. In the event night, Yıldız Holding Supply Chain Vice President Nazmi Civil, Marilyn Gérard, Vice President of Global Strategic Network Planning Pladis, and Corporate Communications and Education Consultant Dr. Cengiz Tavukçuoğlu took place as a speaker. Nazmi Civil and Marilyn Gérard share their experiences on current topics such as “Supply Chain Agenda, Global Supply Chain issues and digitalization” and Dr. Cengiz Tavukçuoğlu’s presentation title was “Social Generation C Curious for Supply Chain Management”.

Saving Million Dollars

Songul Sezer, Slimstock Country Manager for Turkey, reminded that the supply chain includes all process from the procurement stage to their production and reaching the final consumer. Also, she added: “Leading companies in the world save millions of dollars with the improvement, planning and management efforts they make in their supply chains. Turkish companies are also achieving significant success by recognizing the importance of supply chain management and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.”

Most Effective Supply Chain Professionals Determined

The names who received the Most Effective Supply Chain Professionals award are as follows: Selma AKYOL (ŞİŞECAM Supply Chain Director), Fatih Kemal BARIŞ (ÇALIK HOLDİNG Foreign Trade and Logistics Manager), Mustafa Kerem BAŞKONYALI (PAŞABAHÇE Supply Chain Director), Nazmi CİVİL (ÜLKER Supply Chain Vice President), Burak ÇAKIR (WATSONS Sales Operation and Supply Chain Director), Burçin ÇELİK (CARREFOURSA Supply Chain Director and Executive Committee Member), Mediha DİZDAR (RENAULT Operations Logistics Director), Nurettin EKİZOĞLU (NOVARTIS Turkey Technical Operations and Supply Chain Manager), İsmail ER (ER-BAKIR Logistics and Supply Manager) Ergin ERSİN (COLİNS Global Logistics and IT Director), Özlem KAYA ERDEM (EBEBEK Supply Chain Director), Aslan KESEN (KOMŞUFIRIN Supply Chain Manager), Cidal KOÇAK (KOTON Global Logistics Director), Mutlu OCAK (COCA-COLA Supply Chain Director) Oktay Yemen OKATAN (ŞOK MARKETLER Supply Chain Director), Eda OKTAY (MEDTRONIC Customer Service and Supply Chain Manager), Eylem ÖZGÜR (ECZACIBAŞI Supply Chain Director), Mesut SAĞIROĞLU (YATAŞ Supply Chain and SSH Director), İlyas SALİHOGLU (ENGLISH HOME Planning and Logistics Manager), Sinan SEFAİ (MAVİ JEANS Director of Global Supply Chain), Halim SIRCANCI (KASTAMONU ENTEGRE Supply Chain Director), Nurgül ŞAHİN BENGİ (HUGO BOSS Supply Chain Vice President), Taner TİMİRCİ (HEPSİBURADA Operations Group Head), Erhan TOSUN (HIPP Supply Chain Manager), Arif Özgür VAROLAN (KOÇTAŞ Logistics and Supply Chain Director).


Jury members are, LODER Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mehmet TANYAŞ, LODER Vice Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülçin BÜYÜKÖZKAN, Corporate Communication and Training Consultant Dr. Cengiz TAVUKÇUOĞLU, Kumport Marine Container Terminal Deputy General Manager Erhan TUNÇBİLEK and Duet Employer Branding Senior Consultant Binnur ZAİMLER.

Project awards also found their owners

Candidates who located in the list of, “Turkey’s Most Influential Supply Chain Professionals” competed in four different categories. In the presentations moderated by LODER Board Chairman Mehmet Tanyaş: Awarded in the most sustainable project branch, KOÇTAŞ Logistics and Supply Chain Director Arif Özgür VAROLAN, The most technological project award, Ergin ERSİN, Director of COLİN’S Global Logistics and Information Technologies, the most innovative project award Burak ÇAKIR, WATSONS Sales Operations and Supply Chain Director, and the most effective project award was given to Oktay Yemen OKATAN, ŞOK MARKETS Supply Chain Director.