End to End(E2E) Effective Supply Chain Management

About Webinar

Within the scope of European Supply Chain Day Event, will be a webinar titled “End-to-End Effective Supply Chain Management” held on Wednesday, April 20, between 13:00 and 15:00.

A flexible, agile and highly visible Supply Chain Management in today’s challenging, uncertain and volatile conditions
It is crucial for companies.

With an effective end-to-end Supply Chain Management, you have the visibility of inventory to make the right decisions. In other words, you can understand the demand in depth and create a comprehensive dynamic supply plan that can respond to it, and as a result, you can reach your target customer satisfaction.

For submition to Webinar webinar moderated by LODER Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülçin BÜYÜKÖZKAN and with the participation of our Supply Chain Professional speakers, QWIC Chief Operating Officer Egemen TÜMTÜRK and Watsons Supply Chain Director Serhat AKGÜL, fill in your information by clicking the link “Register” button.